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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 00:00

Monitor tank inventory directly in total weight or volume

Measures tank level directly in volume or weight for accurate reporting and better consistency. New KING-GAGE® LP1 tank level indicator combines accuracy and volumetric processing based on hydrostatic pressure (created by liquid depth) or from direct level measurement (such as radar or ultrasonic).

The LP1 tank monitor features a dual line LED providing full 6-digit level display in large 0.6” (15mm) characters for easy viewing with a smaller second line identifying readout units. Tank levels are shown directly in the unit of weight or volume (as specified). Now get accurate level or tank inventory regardless of tank shape (even horizontal tanks with dish ends)

All application parameters are factory preprogrammed meaning there are no user conversion factors involved or scaling points to enter during installation. This capacity profile cor¬relates transmitter output to actual tank geometry. The indicator then formats the resulting value directly as the total weight or volume of liquid in the tank.

Modbus RTU Digital Communications (Option)

You can use the LP1 digital tank level indicator to integrate into your process control scheme through Modbus serial communications. This widely used protocol is supported by a large number of products and vendors in industrial control. (Requires the serial communication option.)

This precision digital tank level indicator employs a 24-bit A/D architecture for better than ±0.03% accuracy (± 1 count). Consistent and repeatable level measurement ensures better control of your process and improved inventory reporting

24 Vdc Output (Transmitter Excitation)

Our KING-GAGE LP1 provides an isolated 24Vdc transmitter power supply over the 2-wire signal loop. This simplifies system installation and ensures proper excitation of the level transmitter even over substantial cable runs.

DOWNLOAD: Click on the link above to download the data sheet.