Maintenance Improves Reliability & Efficiency PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 May 2010 08:29

cartridgesWe would like to remind you that some simple procedures can assure both dependability and optimal performance of air operated systems or pneumatic instrumentation.

For pneumatic KING-GAGE components . . .

Replace the integral filter element (p/n 7333-10) on all Sensor Controls or Purge Controls. These final filters are located on the underside of all KING-GAGE airflow controls and are easy to replace.

Visually inspect air lines and connections. Through the course of a year (depending upon conditions), polyethylene tubing may become cracked or brittle if situated in dry/cold locations. Then again, humid/warm locations may result in moisture accumulation within air lines. Simply looking for potential leak points or moisture filled lines may prevent a bigger problem from manifesting later on.

For air filters and dryers . . .

Most KING Filters employ a dual element design using scrubber (1st stage) and polisher (2nd stage) cartridges. A good rule of thumb is to replace cart­ridge sets at least once per year, as this will ensure clean, dry and oil-free compressed air. It also guards against loaded cartridges causing pressure drops that hurt the efficiency of the compressed air system by making your compressor work harder. Of course, conditions vary and your plant air may mandate more frequent cartridge replacement especially where moisture is present in the air line piping.