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Thursday, 06 October 2011 00:00


New LevelBAR (v2) indicators offer an easy to read graphic indication of individual tank level. Use them individually or for multiple locations to monitor liquid level simply by extending the signal loop circuit. Use with two wire transmitters to deliver high visibility display regardless of ambient lighting conditions. We’ve taken the guesswork out of installation and troubleshooting with practical elements such as loop circuit status (on/off/open) and fault (short) indicators.

The LevelBAR indicator has a new chassis design that simplifies internal access for wiring and replacement/installation of the readout units scale. Input connectors have more generous provisions for larger gauge wiring and loop shielding termination for easier installation. A more robust power supply now accepts universal voltage input (100–240 Vac 50/60 Hz) for greater flexibility during installation.

We’ve increased brightness of the red LED column display by 20% for even better readability in bright sunlight. Plus, a new backlighting feature makes it possible to read the scale when there is no ambient illumination at the indicator location, including nighttime outdoor use expanding the range of applications for the LevelBAR. All LevelBAR indicators include a custom graduated tank level scale in units of total volume or weight of the liquid contents.


With the available differential pressure (D/P) option, the LevelBAR indicator can be used as a direct replacement for mercury tank gauges or other fluid-filled manometers. The LevelBAR pneumatic models integrate a precision pressure transducer to permit direct replacement of fluid filled tank gauges. While manometer type gauges were a fixture in dairy and food plants for nearly half a century, concerns over certain indicating fluids have led to their rapid replacement in the industry. The KING-GAGE LevelBAR ensures clear distinct indication of tank levels and provides a suitable alternative for today’s processing environment.

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Click to download a pdf of the LevelBAR v2 Data Sheet.


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