Ballast Monitoring






A critical application for most vessels and semi-submersible drill rigs is ballast water monitoring. Our LiquiSeal and Purge Control bubbler systems are a proven technology for marine tank gauging for both ballast and draft measurement. Our hydrostatic pressure measurement simply requires a length of pipe extending downward within the tank — no internal components whose periodic recalibration or failure could necessitate personnel entering the tank (or compartment).

Pressure-based level measurement has been employed in commercial marine vessels and under challenging conditions by the world's major naval fleets. Hydrostatic technology is one of the most cost-effective and dependable methods monitoring ballast, fuel oil, and service tanks.

KING-GAGE® Marine Systems are used extensively by various freshwater and oceangoing fleets. Our systems have also seen demanding service on semi-submersible and deepwater platforms.

  • Cargo Operations
  • Passenger Ferries
  • Semi-Submersible Rigs
  • Naval Vessels

Recommended Products

liquiseal738-thumbLiquiSeal Purge Control - LiquiSeal D/P purge control is a fully integrated air purge regulator and level transmitter. Operation is based on the control regulating a continuous 1 cfh (cubic foot per hour) flow of compressed air into the tank downpipe. ABS Type Approved.

dp788-thumb D/P Purge Control - 788 D/P Purge Control is a more basic differential pressure regulator and air flow control. It generates a constant flow of compressed air to purge a downpipe.

lp3-thumbLP3 Tank Level Measurement System - The LP3 integral data acquisition function coupled with network connectivity, including Ethernet, simplifies the sharing of tank level data with ballast loading control or ship's automation systems.