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Tuesday, 20 January 2015 15:37

Better Process Management and Inventory Control

Measures tank level directly in volume or weight for accurate reporting and better consistency. New KING-GAGE® LP1 tank level indicator combines accuracy and volumetric processing based on hydrostatic pressure (created by liquid depth) or from direct level measurement (such as radar or ultrasonic).

The LP1 tank monitor features a dual line LED providing full 6-digit level display in large 0.6” (15mm) characters for easy viewing with a smaller second line identifying readout units. Tank levels are shown directly in the unit of weight or volume (as specified). Now get accurate level or tank inventory regardless of tank shape (even horizontal tanks with dish ends)

All application parameters are factory preprogrammed meaning there are no user conversion factors involved or scaling points to enter during installation. This capacity profile cor¬relates transmitter output to actual tank geometry. The indicator then formats the resulting value directly as the total weight or volume of liquid in the tank.

Modbus RTU Digital Communications (Option)

You can use the LP1 digital tank level indicator to integrate into your process control scheme through Modbus serial communications. This widely used protocol is supported by a large number of products and vendors in industrial control. (Requires the serial communication option.)

Level Transmitter for Hazardous Service PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 October 2014 00:00

KING-GAGE® D/P Purge Controls provide continuous liquid level measurement using a simple and proven sensing technology. A regulated low volume air flow from the unit purges a length of pipe extending downward to the tank bottom. Changes in liquid depth increase or decrease the resulting internal air pressure while a differential pressure transmitter generates a 4-20 mA output directly proportional to the level in the tank.

The new KING-GAGE 780XD Purge Control is an extremely rugged unit designed specifically for hazardous areas requiring flameproof or ATEX (Ex d) rating. A proprietary wet check assembly ensures positive seal of fluids to ensure containment integrity. Loop powered transmitter provides 4-20mAdc output while components are isolated from the process media by a continuous air purge. Total consumption rate is less than 0.083 scfm for energy saving operation with external air/gas supply.The only internal element is a simple length of pipe extending into the tank.

Bubbler Retrofit Improves Reliability PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 March 2014 15:46

Water/Wastewater Applications:

Resolving Maintenance and Reliability Issues in Bubbler Systems

Many bubbler systems installed in water and wastewater systems face maintenance and long term accuracy/reliability issues. Some of these systems require periodic adjustment or component replacement due to failed solenoids, variable air flow rates or clogged downpipes due to crystallization (especially wastewater with high solids content).

KING-GAGE® Purge Control level transmitters offer a highly engineered single component solution that can easily retrofit existing bubbler installations. These transmitters automatically maintain an extremely low flow continuous purge (less than 0.02 scfm) regardless of liquid depth minimizing formations in the downpipe while eliminating lag time during dynamic level changes. Bubbler operation is tamperproof since there is no external regulator or needle valve (or rotameter) – internally a fixed differential is maintained over a precision flow orifice.

LevelWAV Guided Wave Level Radar PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 March 2013 07:56

Guided wave radarKING-GAGE® LevelWAV guided wave level transmitter provides continuous measurement suitable over a broad range of temperatures, pressures and density variations in tanks containing liquids and solids. This radar transmitter can be used in process conditions exhibiting visible vapors, foam, surface agitation, high temperature and/or pressure.

KING-GAGE LevelWAV utilizes time domain reflectometry (TDR) technology whereby pulses of microwave energy are propagated down a waveguide (probe) extending into the tank contents. Guided wave radar works exceptionally well in tanks having internal structures while providing measured level accuracy to typically within ± 0.6 inch (± 15mm). Setup is easier, simpler and more repeatable than “through air” non-contacting radar because the probe minimizes energy dispersion so that it can even measure material having a very low dielectric value.

ES2 Transmitter Boasts Robust Design PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 00:00

es2splashytank-newsyarticlethumbOur KING-GAGE® ES2 Slimline transmitter embodies robust protection against a full range of environmental challenges such as extreme washdown practices, aggressive cleaning agents, and extreme humidity.