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Monday, 17 March 2014 15:46

Water/Wastewater Applications:

Resolving Maintenance and Reliability Issues in Bubbler Systems

Many bubbler systems installed in water and wastewater systems face maintenance and long term accuracy/reliability issues. Some of these systems require periodic adjustment or component replacement due to failed solenoids, variable air flow rates or clogged downpipes due to crystallization (especially wastewater with high solids content).

KING-GAGE® Purge Control level transmitters offer a highly engineered single component solution that can easily retrofit existing bubbler installations. These transmitters automatically maintain an extremely low flow continuous purge (less than 0.02 scfm) regardless of liquid depth minimizing formations in the downpipe while eliminating lag time during dynamic level changes. Bubbler operation is tamperproof since there is no external regulator or needle valve (or rotameter) – internally a fixed differential is maintained over a precision flow orifice.

Downpipe purge (or bubbler) technology works reliably in the presence of vapors, and, unlike ultrasonics, can be used in media temperatures of more than 350°F. Bubblers are normally used in applications where foam, solid debris, sewage sludge, or turbulence make ultrasonic, radar, or float switch devices ineffective. The relative compact size of the KING-GAGE Purge Control can allow for installations in tanks where other systems won’t fit.

  • Solid brass housing (suitable for outdoor installation*)
  • Integrated component with small footprint
  • Automatic flow rate (no adjustment)

KING-GAGE Purge Controls require a compressed air supply (35-150 psig/2.4-10.3 bar) and provide a two-wire 4-20mA output that can be transmitted over substantial distances. This rugged and compact transmitter can be mounted directly outdoors or within small enclosed spaces at the measurement point or up to a hundred feet away.

* Some requirements exist to ensure dry compressed air for service in temperatures below 32°F/ 0°C

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