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Downpipe Check Valve Downpipe Check Valve

Date added: 04/19/2010
Date modified: 02/15/2013
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• Simple Inline Installation
• Float Check Avoids Pressure Drop
• Guards Against Siphoning From Tank

This engineered component will help you prevent siphoning or backflow of liquid through a downpipe installed in tank level gauging applications. With the KING-GAGE® Downpipe Backflow Check Valve, you can guard against liquid traveling up through the downpipe and into the system pressure lines. It utilizes a specially designed float pin that rises up to seal the valve shut when liquid enters from the downpipe through the bottom of the unit. The Model 6563 Downpipe Check Valve is well suited for use on downpipe systems employing KING-GAGE Purge Control or LiquiSeal Purge Control liquid level transmitters.


For a pdf of the Downpipe Check Valve Data Sheet, click the 'Download' button below.

AcraSensor AcraSensor

Date added: 05/18/2012
Date modified: 05/18/2012
Filesize: 894.08 kB
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• Flush Mount Sanitary Design
• Field Replaceable Sensor Diaphragm
• Hybrid Design Minimizes Temperature Effects

KING-GAGE® AcraSensor unit detects level by sensing pressure due to liquid depth while its pneumatic force balance diaphragm technique is remarkably free from drift or temperature effects. These sensors are especially suited to a wide range of sanitary applications on storage or continuous processing vessels. The standard AcraSensor + 868 D/P Sensor Control combination combines accuracy, rugged durability, reduced maintenance, and long term stability for liquid level tank gauging. Its integral transmitter converts the pneumatic isolation pressure to a proportional 4-20 mAdc signal suitable for process control or remote level indication.

The unique AcraSensor titanium diaphragm satisfies the 3-A Sanitary Standard (74-03) and is appropriate for flush mount, clean-in-place installation. An FDA-approved silicone rubber O-ring seal forms a crevice-free, positive compression seal between the diaphragm probe and mounting shell. Flush weld mountings are available with product contact surfaces of 316L stainless.

Operation requires pneumatic 860 Sensor Control or 868 D/P Sensor Control electronic transmitter and compressed air/gas supply.






For a pdf of the AcraSensor Data Sheet, click the 'Download' button below.

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